Sunday, 9 June 2013

10+ Possible Applications for a Paperback Booklet "Cornucopia of My..."

1.      Sometimes you prefer writing your notes on paper rather than entering them into some gadget.

2.      You would like not only to write down some inspiring quotations but also to illustrate them with matching pictures.

3.      When expressing yourself creatively, you wish to illustrate your notes not with similar image templates but with the pictures of your choice.

4.      You want to be sure that your notes and illustrations would not get deleted accidentally.

5.      You would like to accompany your notes with suitable drawings, sketches, or collages, etc.

6.      You want no stranger  to able to access, read and view your notes and illustrations.

7.      When travelling, you wish to be able not only to make notes but also to make drawings accompanying them.

8.      You like to express your creative self on paper by making drawings, collages and sketches.

9.      You are studying a new language, etc., and for easier memorization of new vocabulary, etc., you wish to illustrate each new word, etc. with a picture.

10.  You are into keeping a diary, a journal, etc.

+ Write down positive affirmations  on the lined pages and illustrate them on the opposite clean ones.